News, news, news!

Ghastly Apparition will be taking a break from tomorrow, Feb. 21st to work on the online store as well as several other things to improve both the label and the distro. I’ll be available by email most of the time, but expect a longer reaction time – thanks!
You can order stuff, but it won’t be send out before the end of this break. It’ll be handled on a first come-first served base, so don’t worry if you don’t get a confirmation.
I’ll be fully back in action in early/mid-March.

Before I’m going, here are some news:

As you’ll notice when checking the release page, the tapes from Opositor, Nox Irae and Ordeals are now sold out. You can still get copies from some distros though and a few die hard editions of Opositor and Ordeals are also still up for grabs!

Both Nox Irae and Desekryptor will release their second tapes on Ghastly Apparition and I am very glad to announce that and wanna thank the bands for the ongoing trust and cooperation.
Nox Irae’s tape will be entitled “Here the dead live” and feature a Hellhammer cover plus two new original tracks.

The Desekryptor tape is untitled as of today!

A new band in the Ghastly Apparition camp is Worthless from the US of A. Their debut “A portrait of mankind” will be my first CD release. You’ll find more information about those NJ-Black Metallers on here soon.

The die hard edition of the Evokador tape is in the works and will be out in a few weeks. It’ll contain the tape in a different shell cover, a badge, a full color poster and a T-Shirt. I’ll reveal more details and post some pics soon. It’ll again be limited to 10 copies and you are advised to reserve your copy so you make sure you get a shirt your size! You don’t need to pay for it until it’s ready for shipping, so there’s no risk.

The Desekryptor die hard-edition on the other hand is available now. I will add a photo to this post soon  and also list all the details.


New releases out now!

The tapes I recently announced are now out and available!

First of all we have Desekryptor from Indiana/U.S.A. delivering a devastatingly crushing blow of brutal black Death. This is their debut and it already destroys anything in its way.


Sample track

When using the words raw and primitive to describe a band’s sound it makes a lot of people think of a bunch of youngsters who have no idea how to play their instruments let alone write songs.

Nothing could be further from the truth in the case of those French Old School Death Metallers called Nox Irae…


What other terms would one use to describe their style that is heavily influenced by the bands that started it all like Hellhammer while maintaining a touch of their own?
Their second tape will be out later this year on Ghastly Apparition, so get this one now!!

Sample Track

Both tapes are available now for €5/$5 plus shipping! You can order now by eMail or the contact form or wait a few days for the onlinbe shop to be up and running! The price will be the same!

Some quick news….

Both the Nox Irae and Desekryptor have arrived from the duplication plant.
The official release will be early next week, but feel free to reserve your copy now.

Also, next week the online store will be up and running, allowing you to shop much more conveniently and get your stuff faster. Plus there’ll be some really interesting stuff available that you won’t find at most other distros.

In addtion there’ll be several distros added, so check that section to see if anyone near you carries GA releases.

Central-American Insanity

Finally, after so many mishaps with getting some bonus live stuff on this tape, it is now out: the European version (that is available worldwide though!) of EVOKADOR’s great EP, featuring some chaotic black thrashing madness in the old fashioned South-American style. They have been compared to the likes of SARCOFAGO, so you know what to expect and if this is for you or not.

Check them out on the Soundcloud page!

The demo comes in a pro printed full color four panel cover and on a pro copies tape with golden printing.

The die hard edition with some exciting extras will be out later, so watch this space!


The tape is available for €5 plus shipping (unregistered worldwide shipping is 3,70 – that allows several further tapes to be sent at the same shipping rate, so check if you need anything else! For registered shipping etc… please inquire).

Ordeals – “Apotheosis” Die Hard Edition OUT NOW!

After several problems on the technical side, I can finally present you with the Die Hard – Edition of Ordeal’s debut “Apotheosis”.



It comes with a bonus tape with a three track rehearsal recording featuring a DAETHORN – cover. Both tapes are in a slipcase as shown above. The package will also include a badge, a certificate and a label sticker and will come wrapped in black silk paper/cloth, sealed with wax. The Apotheosis tape has a different shell cover as the regular version and the bonus tape is available in this special edition only!!!

As always, this is limited to 10 copies only and a few are already gone, so act fast if you want one.

It’s available for €10 plus postage (non-registered worldwide air mail is €3,70) from Ghastly Apparition only!

Check my distro list, too because I can easily send a few more tapes at the same shipping rate.



Destrucciòn inminente!

After a truckload of problems and mishaps the Evokador tape was finally sent off for duplication today, so I hope to have the tapes in a couple of weeks – given that the holiday season is approaching fast!

Get ready for a dose of black thrashing madness from Guatemala! Evokador play their metal raw and in the true South American style – although they are actually from Central America!

They have been compared to the likes of Sarcofago and this tape is without any doubt their best stuff so far. The tape will come in a four panel full color cover and will of course be pro copied and hand numbered.


This edition of the tape will feature a bonus live track recorded live in October 2016.

There will be a die hard edition, too of course. I will post the items included in this edition as soon as their designs are completed!

Also, I have added new items to the distro list. Check it out!


Out now!

Finally, after some delays at the pressing plant, the debut demo of Ordeals from New York, “Apotheosis” is out. The die hard version will be out soon and include the demo with a differently colored tape shell, a bonus tape with unreleased recordings and a badge, all in special packaging. More info on that and the price will be posted here soon!


“Apotheosis” features four tracks of dark Death Metal, far beyond the US-Death cliché. The tracks were recorded at Studio Tehom in Montreal, resulting in a heavy, but transparent sound. Awesome music meets fascinating lyrics from depths of their singers twisted mind for your twisted minds!

Be sure to check out this great tape! Listen to a sample here!
It’s available now from the label for €6/$6 plus shipping and soon from distros worldwide! As always, every order comes with free label stickers!

Nox Irae


Nox Irae from France consist of members of old school metallers Affliction Gate and former members of legendary French metal outfit Catacomb! They play old school death metal the way it was meant to be. Their debut demo “Night without return” will be out soon on Ghastly Apparition.


Check out a preview track here!


The release of the tape from Evokador is sadly delayed and while that may be bad news, the delay is caused by the fact that we decided to add three bonus live tracks and there have been several delays in the mixing of said tracks. So the bad news is good news, because you’ll get an even better package for your money!

Unless everything fails, it will still be out this year, so get ready for it!

Coming Soon!


Get ready for these new releases to be out this month!

Further info and more details about the die hard-editions can be found here soon!

I also have a few new distro items that I’ll add today, only very few copies of each available so be fast!

Tapes are here!

All the releases of the “first wave” are here and ready! You can order by email of using the contact form. I’ll get back to you with the total as soon as I can.

The regular tapes:


FVRLVRN – Demo 2016 – limited to 87 hand-numbered copies

OPOSITOR – Cave Ritual – limited to 86 hand-numbered copies

Each €5/$6 plus shipping. Shipping costs are moderate compared to those of some other countries!

The die hard editions
Both limited to 10 copies!

FUVRLVRN die hard edition contains the tape in different shell color. A bonus tape features their first ever recording presented here for the first and only time in a physical format (both tapes come in a special two tape box with a special cover), also a high quality sticker, a patch, two badges (not on photo), a label sticker, a certificate – all in a cloth bag, sealed with sealing wax:



Three colors of bags are available, you can pick one, if I still have it, I’ll send it, otherwise you’ll get one of the others!


Sent in a plastic back to protect the seals:


Each €10/$11 plus shipping.

Opositor die hard edition comes in a big sturdy box with special print, sealed by a banderole and containing the tape in a different shell and case color, 2 badges (not on photo), a color flag, a quality poster (sent rolled NOT folded), a certificate, a label sticker



Each €14/$16 plus shipping.


Some tapes were added to the distro section. More info on any of them is available upon request.

There’s more stuff coming my way incl. some hard to find stuff, so check back soon!