Why is someone spending his time and money on releasing infernal sounds on an outdated sound storage medium?
If you are asking yourself this very question your are either in the wrong place or have yet to discover the magic that a good tape has to offer. Nostalgia? Devotion? Insanity? Yes to all!

Ghastly Apparition is a tape label based in Europe. The aim is quality instead of quantity, I want to be perfectly happy with each and every release and don’t mind the effort that this requires. All tapes are pro-copies with pro-printed covers. Each release will be strictly limited and handnumbered. The bands on Ghastly Apparition are carefully selected, based solely on personal taste. This makes any effort much easier and allows me to promote the releases by saying nothing but the truth instead of having to find the proper words to wet your appetite for something I don’t even like myself.

There will be die hard editions of selected releases with various extras included, each of them limited to 10 specially packaged and numbered copies, they also come with a certificate of authenticity.

Feel free to get in touch if you are (in) a band and are looking for a tape release. Any application will be responded to with my honest opinion about your works.

Aside from Ghastly Apparition releases we will distribute selected items from other bands/labels. That being said, get in touch if you are interested in a trade. Again, any request will be answered.

To order, send an an email or use the contact form on this site, stating what you want and don’t forget your address. I will get back to you as soon as possible. There will most likely be an online store in the not so distant future, but this is not a priority at this time
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…or use the contact form.

The logo and the ghost were created by Baphometic Art: Baphometic Art Website
Digital touch ups done by myself.