Tapes are here!

All the releases of the “first wave” are here and ready! You can order by email of using the contact form. I’ll get back to you with the total as soon as I can.

The regular tapes:


FVRLVRN – Demo 2016 – limited to 87 hand-numbered copies

OPOSITOR – Cave Ritual – limited to 86 hand-numbered copies

Each €5/$6 plus shipping. Shipping costs are moderate compared to those of some other countries!

The die hard editions
Both limited to 10 copies!

FUVRLVRN die hard edition contains the tape in different shell color. A bonus tape features their first ever recording presented here for the first and only time in a physical format (both tapes come in a special two tape box with a special cover), also a high quality sticker, a patch, two badges (not on photo), a label sticker, a certificate – all in a cloth bag, sealed with sealing wax:



Three colors of bags are available, you can pick one, if I still have it, I’ll send it, otherwise you’ll get one of the others!


Sent in a plastic back to protect the seals:


Each €10/$11 plus shipping.

Opositor die hard edition comes in a big sturdy box with special print, sealed by a banderole and containing the tape in a different shell and case color, 2 badges (not on photo), a color flag, a quality poster (sent rolled NOT folded), a certificate, a label sticker



Each €14/$16 plus shipping.


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