Tapes are here!

All the releases of the “first wave” are here and ready! You can order by email of using the contact form. I’ll get back to you with the total as soon as I can.

The regular tapes:


FVRLVRN – Demo 2016 – limited to 87 hand-numbered copies

OPOSITOR – Cave Ritual – limited to 86 hand-numbered copies

Each €5/$6 plus shipping. Shipping costs are moderate compared to those of some other countries!

The die hard editions
Both limited to 10 copies!

FUVRLVRN die hard edition contains the tape in different shell color. A bonus tape features their first ever recording presented here for the first and only time in a physical format (both tapes come in a special two tape box with a special cover), also a high quality sticker, a patch, two badges (not on photo), a label sticker, a certificate – all in a cloth bag, sealed with sealing wax:



Three colors of bags are available, you can pick one, if I still have it, I’ll send it, otherwise you’ll get one of the others!


Sent in a plastic back to protect the seals:


Each €10/$11 plus shipping.

Opositor die hard edition comes in a big sturdy box with special print, sealed by a banderole and containing the tape in a different shell and case color, 2 badges (not on photo), a color flag, a quality poster (sent rolled NOT folded), a certificate, a label sticker



Each €14/$16 plus shipping.



Some tapes were added to the distro section. More info on any of them is available upon request.

There’s more stuff coming my way incl. some hard to find stuff, so check back soon!

Pre-Orders + Release dates

I’ll be taking pre-orders from today on.

The official release date for the first two tapes is October 24th.

The following two tapes should be ready for the NWN fest in Berlin on Nov. 4th & 5th. I’ll keep you posted.

How to order

When ordering, please be sure to state the items you want, your location/address, if you want your order sent with registered mail or not and the desired method of payment: PayPal or bank transfer. All orders paid with PayPal will be send registered – no exceptions! Of course, registered mail is also available when paying with bank transfer. You’ll receive a reply with the total and payment details as soon as possible.
Should you wish to order items from both the first and second wave, I’ll send them together in order to save on shipping costs. If you do not want this, please say so in your message – thank you!

Orders are handled on a first come – first served base, so even if you didn’t get a reply from me yet, if you ordered before somebody else has and there is only one copy left, you’ll get it, so if it says “sold out” at some point and you haven’t heard from me yet, it does not necessarily mean you won’t get your copy!

Soundcloud and some news!

There’s a Soundcloud page online now where you can listen to a sample track of each Ghastly Apparition release.I don’t believe in the idea of posting fractions of tracks for promotion, so you’ll always get a full track from each release! May it wet your appetite.

Here’s the link:
Ghastly Apparition Soundcloud.

Be sure to check out the music and tell your friends and enemies!

Also, the “Bands” section has been heavily updated and I’ll add the only thing missing – an Evokador bio -really soon.

(Pre-) Orders

Orders for retail items will be taken from next Tuesday (Oct., 18th) on. Distributors may get in touch now for trades or wholesale.

Die Hard – Editions

To all customers:
All of the stuff that needs to be made by printers or other companies, i.e. not by myself will be here next week. As soon as I have it all here, I’ll post photos and the exact prices. If you want to be 100% sure you’re not missing out, you may make a reservation now (die hard-editions only, no regular versions!). Don’t make any payment, I’ll send you a notice as soon as I know the exact price and then you can pay or cancel your reservation. This is a a special service for the first releases only. I hate missing out on special items myself, so I want to give dedicated fans a chance to grab their copies in time.

For future release, I’ll offer the opportunity to pre-order die hard-editions again, but I’ll expect immediate payment then, no cancellations. By then the word should be out and people can check in advance when what will be out at what price.

Bands looking for a label

At the moment I am still accepting submissions/applications, so if you think you’d like your stuff to be out on Ghastly Apparition, simply get in touch. I’ll get back to you all, no matter if I am interested or not, so please grant me the time to listen to your music thoroughly and don’t ask if I have already done so etc…… Thanks!

That’s all for today! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

First releases are on the way!

The masters for both sound and artwork have been sent to the duplication plant/printer.

This means both the OPOSITOR as well as the FVRLVRN tape will be available in about two weeks from now. I’ll start taking orders next week, you’ll find all the necessary details here by then!

As all releases, those will be limited (OPOSITOR -86 copies, FVRLVRN – 87 copies plus 10 die hard edition copies EACH!), pro copied, pro printed and hand numbered. The FVRLVRN tape will also come with a sticker.

Labels and distros are welcome to get in touch for possible trades or wholesale!

The die hard editions will be limited to 10 copies each and come with some exclusive goodies. As soon I have all the stuff here – some is still in the making – I’ll post some photos, details and exact prices. Each die hard edition will be different, thus individually priced, too.

Please note that the die hard editions will not be available for trade – exceptions might be made once in a while, though!

Further news:

The second batch of tapes will follow pretty soon after that, I am just waiting for some stuff to arrive to finish the artwork and do the masters. This batch will consist of the ORDEALS and the EVOKADOR tape.

The Ghastly Apparition version of the EVOKADOR tape will come with different artwork (basically the same, but in color instead of black and white and totally revised layout. Most likely it will also feature two bonus live tracks that weren’t on the US nor the Guatemalan version. I can’t say for sure yet, because the tracks will be recorded on EVOKADOR‘s next live show in a week and they’ll only end up on the tape if the quality is good enough, of course. The US version sold out within 2 days, so I’d advise you to get your copies rather sooner than later. Pre-orders will be taken soon – watch this space!

Here’s the revised artwork for the cover:


The die-hard edition will be limited to 10 copies again and will contain a badge, a poster, a certificate and possibly some further goodies, all in a special box sealed with a banderole. Full details will be revealed here soon.

I’ll also reveal more information about the ORDEALS tape really soon on here. For now check out the cover:


This band from New York deliver four killer tracks, don’t miss out on this! You can listen to two tracks here: ORDEALS bandcamp!

Same about other upcoming releases. Currently talking to some bands, I’ll keep you posted.

Online Shop

There’ll probably be an Online Shop for more a convenient “shopping experience” when buying Ghastly Apparition releases as well as stuff I distribute sooner than expected, but I can’t give you a definite date yet, so stay tuned. I appears I may have found a solution that fits my needs without costing a hell of a lot of fees etc.. I’ll keep you posted, but I can already tell you that it’ll take at least a month, so if you want to order any of the first releases I advise you to do that by sending an eMail or use the contact form on this site…. or by getting it from a distro carrying it, they’ll be listed on here soon!

For now, PayPal and bank transfers as well as cash in a letter (at your risk) are the only methods of payment accepted, but PayPal also allows you to use your credit card, of course.

That’s it for today, enjoy the weekend and check back for more updates and news!