New releases out now!

The tapes I recently announced are now out and available!

First of all we have Desekryptor from Indiana/U.S.A. delivering a devastatingly crushing blow of brutal black Death. This is their debut and it already destroys anything in its way.


Sample track

When using the words raw and primitive to describe a band’s sound it makes a lot of people think of a bunch of youngsters who have no idea how to play their instruments let alone write songs.

Nothing could be further from the truth in the case of those French Old School Death Metallers called Nox Irae…


What other terms would one use to describe their style that is heavily influenced by the bands that started it all like Hellhammer while maintaining a touch of their own?
Their second tape will be out later this year on Ghastly Apparition, so get this one now!!

Sample Track

Both tapes are available now for €5/$5 plus shipping! You can order now by eMail or the contact form or wait a few days for the onlinbe shop to be up and running! The price will be the same!


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