Out now!

Finally, after some delays at the pressing plant, the debut demo of Ordeals from New York, “Apotheosis” is out. The die hard version will be out soon and include the demo with a differently colored tape shell, a bonus tape with unreleased recordings and a badge, all in special packaging. More info on that and the price will be posted here soon!


“Apotheosis” features four tracks of dark Death Metal, far beyond the US-Death cliché. The tracks were recorded at Studio Tehom in Montreal, resulting in a heavy, but transparent sound. Awesome music meets fascinating lyrics from depths of their singers twisted mind for your twisted minds!

Be sure to check out this great tape! Listen to a sample here!
It’s available now from the label for €6/$6 plus shipping and soon from distros worldwide! As always, every order comes with free label stickers!

Nox Irae


Nox Irae from France consist of members of old school metallers Affliction Gate and former members of legendary French metal outfit Catacomb! They play old school death metal the way it was meant to be. Their debut demo “Night without return” will be out soon on Ghastly Apparition.


Check out a preview track here!


The release of the tape from Evokador is sadly delayed and while that may be bad news, the delay is caused by the fact that we decided to add three bonus live tracks and there have been several delays in the mixing of said tracks. So the bad news is good news, because you’ll get an even better package for your money!

Unless everything fails, it will still be out this year, so get ready for it!


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