Pre-Orders + Release dates

I’ll be taking pre-orders from today on.

The official release date for the first two tapes is October 24th.

The following two tapes should be ready for the NWN fest in Berlin on Nov. 4th & 5th. I’ll keep you posted.

How to order

When ordering, please be sure to state the items you want, your location/address, if you want your order sent with registered mail or not and the desired method of payment: PayPal or bank transfer. All orders paid with PayPal will be send registered – no exceptions! Of course, registered mail is also available when paying with bank transfer. You’ll receive a reply with the total and payment details as soon as possible.
Should you wish to order items from both the first and second wave, I’ll send them together in order to save on shipping costs. If you do not want this, please say so in your message – thank you!

Orders are handled on a first come – first served base, so even if you didn’t get a reply from me yet, if you ordered before somebody else has and there is only one copy left, you’ll get it, so if it says “sold out” at some point and you haven’t heard from me yet, it does not necessarily mean you won’t get your copy!


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