Soundcloud and some news!

There’s a Soundcloud page online now where you can listen to a sample track of each Ghastly Apparition release.I don’t believe in the idea of posting fractions of tracks for promotion, so you’ll always get a full track from each release! May it wet your appetite.

Here’s the link:
Ghastly Apparition Soundcloud.

Be sure to check out the music and tell your friends and enemies!

Also, the “Bands” section has been heavily updated and I’ll add the only thing missing – an Evokador bio -really soon.

(Pre-) Orders

Orders for retail items will be taken from next Tuesday (Oct., 18th) on. Distributors may get in touch now for trades or wholesale.

Die Hard – Editions

To all customers:
All of the stuff that needs to be made by printers or other companies, i.e. not by myself will be here next week. As soon as I have it all here, I’ll post photos and the exact prices. If you want to be 100% sure you’re not missing out, you may make a reservation now (die hard-editions only, no regular versions!). Don’t make any payment, I’ll send you a notice as soon as I know the exact price and then you can pay or cancel your reservation. This is a a special service for the first releases only. I hate missing out on special items myself, so I want to give dedicated fans a chance to grab their copies in time.

For future release, I’ll offer the opportunity to pre-order die hard-editions again, but I’ll expect immediate payment then, no cancellations. By then the word should be out and people can check in advance when what will be out at what price.

Bands looking for a label

At the moment I am still accepting submissions/applications, so if you think you’d like your stuff to be out on Ghastly Apparition, simply get in touch. I’ll get back to you all, no matter if I am interested or not, so please grant me the time to listen to your music thoroughly and don’t ask if I have already done so etc…… Thanks!

That’s all for today! Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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